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uPackinglist application is a cutting edge technology that has an unparalleled function. This awesome innovation was designed to ease the stress of packing possessions that a couple of travelers undergo. It makes embarking on a journey such as, business trip, vacation, family picnic and the likes a lot quite easier. It is so good to know that uPackinglist can be used by iPhone, Android and Bada mobile platforms users.


This application offers tremendous functions. A packing list of limitless numbers can be created, updated at your convenience for any reason and uniquely designed for your purposes. The list referred to is not streamlined to items you probably want to pack but also entail a description of tasks you intend to embark on before travelling. It makes the whole travel process easy and enhances your rate of articulation.

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nix solutions upacking list app

We Make Your Trip Much Easier

App Features

  • User-friendly and engaging interface that involves minimal efforts
  • Limitless number of lists, which can be reused at anytime
  • A personal catalogue that contains about 300 items
  • Manipulative categories easily expanded and collapsed. Just one tap away from adding items to lists
  • When you are satisfied with the list created, you can proceed to packing right away. Mark items as processed with just a tap
  • Automatic sorting which is applicable when an item or category is to be added

And Even More…

  • Ability to send any list through e-mail

  • Ability to access and change icons of different categories and background themes

  • Ability to enter quantity and note associated with each item

  • Glowing presentation of the processes of packing for all lists

  • It enables one to remove items from the Packing screen

  • Winter theme which will provide you some festive spirit (paid version only)

  • Ability to choose icons for camera album categories (paid version only)

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NIX Solutions reviews

I have never leave commentaries or estimations on the app’s page, but uPackingList literally compel me to visit page of NIX Solutions reviews and write “Thank you, developers, your app is awesome.” Whenever I have to pack my suitcases, I use uPackingList and don’t leave any thing.
I’m sharing my experience of using uPackingList. So, it’s a useful app which takes all of your issues while packing bags. Also, it has a comprehensive and handle interface is bonus advantages. I leave this commentary on the NIX Solutions reviews to other people get to know that it’s the proper and useful app.
Thank you very much NIX Solutions reviews, uPackingList is that what; saves my mental health before every journey. I very like to travel, however my terrible memory constantly flats my pocket. I even have a tradition to forget something in every place I have visited, but starting to use uPackingList I disenchant this curse.
Laurence (Larry)
uPackingList is the most useful app which I whenever used. NIX Solutions reviews, creating the app for preparing and packing bags is was an excellent idea. You help many people to save much time. Due to uPackingList, I pack my suitcase for an hour, not thousands of hours as before.
Hi, NIX Solutions reviews, I’m going to share my user experience of using uPackingList for three months, so prepare to hear all true about it. Are you ready? It’s the best packing app you can ever dream. The only disadvantage is that the app doesn’t put your cloth in a bag by itself. I want to thank you guys for the quality, and free of charge product. uPackingList is like your other free apps deserve only excellent marks.

Nix Solutions – Who Are We

App Developed by Nix Solutions ltd.

NIX Solutions Ltd. a company in business since 1994 is providing system integration services and custom software design outsource services.

One of our main areas of expertise is mobile apps development for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

NIX Solutions Ltd. provides end-to-end mobile applications development services.

Skills We Use

Android SDK 2.3 – 4.4 95%
iPhone XCode 3.x – 6.x, IOS SDK (2.0 – 8.x) 93%
Social networks integration 97%
App design 90%

Team Members

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Nix Solutions’ uPackingList App is a traveller’s best friend. In addition to general features, it offers flexible checklists considering the purpose of a trip and the destination weather forecast. Make your journey more convenient with this app and share your reviews on Nix Solutions‘ uPackingList here!