Nix Solutions Reviews

Nix Solutions Services – Here Are Some Customers’ Reviews:

Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller I highly recommend the team at NIX Solutions!
NIX has been a great pleasure to work with. They’ve helped me bring my app from concept to reality and guided me along the way. I learned a lot about mobile application development from NIX and plan to use them again in the future. They communicate very well and very fast. They make sure all my questions are always answered. They manage projects very efficiently and make sure that I always have the information I need. Their depth of knowledge covers a broad range of technologies, including mobile applications, backend infrastructure, web development, cloud, and more. They give me confidence. I highly recommend the team at NIX Solutions!
Jeremy Reither
Jeremy Reither
I’ve been working with these guys for years now –
particularly their CMS team.
I had the pleasure of visiting them in Ukraine in 2012.
The relationship has been very positive,
and they continue to do great work for me.
Matt Cassarino
Matt Cassarino
Roman and the team at NIX are great. They’ve handled work on a number of projects for me over the past 5 years and the code quality is always top notch. Highly recommended.

 Phillip Sull
Phillip Sull
NIX run a highly competent operation. They provide accurate estimates and deliver on time. Communication is always easy, particularly with our project manager Dasha. Would recommend for anyone looking to bring website from concept to product.
Victoria Kostyuk
Victoria KostyukNIX Solutions
NIX Solutions was the right place to start my career. It offers great opportunities for development of your tech and management skills. Moving to a new office building in the center of Kharkov was a pleasant change last year.

Roman Shymko
Roman Shymko
Great company. Respects its employees and clients. Stable and gives opportunities even to young professionals.

Trinity Downs

I’m always glad when I have to write a positive review. NIX Solutions has done an excellent job in developing this app.

Astrid Hall

Using the uPackingList, I come back home from business trips with the same things that I have packed for travel. Write your reviews about other NIX Solutions apps.

Humera Gutierrez

It’s advantageous especially if you have to pack your bags quickly. NIX Solutions has made a simple and useful app for people and deserves positive reviews and praise.

Bryony Hurst

I very much like the additional features of this app. It was a smart idea to care not only about packing but about other stuff in the apartment too. NIX Solutions, take my Like in the reviews.

Sydney Dickson

My houseplant would like to thank NIX Solutions and leave a positive review. It’s all because of them that now his owner doesn’t forget to water him before a trip.

Frances Collier

I like this. It has such a user-friendly and engaging interface that involves minimal efforts. NIX Solutions, I am writing this review, hope you read what users write about it.

Rowan Kenny

So many people, not surprisingly, write only good and positive reviews. NIX Solutions always develops helpful and useful apps.

Deniz Leigh

The best feature that developers have added to this app is the ability to send any list through email. NIX Solutions works hard for positive reviews.

Arandeep Walton

uPackingList is the most useful app which humanity could create. This review is mainly for devs from NIX Solutions who worked on it.

Shauna Weeks

NIX Solutions, my review is “perfecto.” The app is free, and it even knows how to automatically sort as applicable when an item or category is added.