I have been using the uPackingList for 2 months now and here is my review on this app by Nix Solutions:

As an incredibly busy working mom, it’s almost impossible for me to remember long lists of things that I may need to do or get because my mind is always so busy just trying to get through the day without forgetting something major. Some days I swear I’m incredibly lucky that my head is attached because I’d manage to forget it somewhere. After forgetting a few really important things, and forgetting to buy quite a few things at the store because I wouldn’t remember what I’d need until I left, I wanted to find a way to keep a list of what I need to get or do so I can’t forget. This App is just what I’ve been needing; it has unlimited amounts of lists so I can keep track of any and everything that I may need to, and I can even use it to email a list to myself if I need it at the office or somewhere that my phone isn’t appropriate. It’s easy to use, I can just tap on the items of the list I’ve completed and they easily show which items on the list have been completed; I’d recommend it to anyone as busy as I am.

Jane Springfield, Albany, NY