This is my favorite new App on my phone! My family and I are planning more than one different kind of vacation this spring and summer, and with my memory the way it is anymore, I knew I just wouldn’t be able to remember to pack everything we need at the last minute. I couldn’t rely on paper lists either because I always manage to lose paperwork and I couldn’t take the chance of it being the day we’re leaving and I can’t remember anything I wanted to bring. When I went looking for a solution it occurred to me that there might be an App I could put on my phone, that I always have with me, so that my list would go everywhere I go, and I wouldn’t have the ability to lose it. This App had good reviews online so I decided to try it and it is the best App I’ve downloaded in a long time. It can hold more than one list at a time so that I don’t have to make one list and then wait until I’m done with it to make the next one. My lists are organized and I’m more than happy.

Julia Mulrad, West Palm Beach, FL